Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Dreaming spiders, an AI that fixes roads, a remote-controlled robot surgeon and more this week

This Free AI Tool Fixes Old Photos GFP-GAN is an open-source photo-restoration tool that uses AI to transform old photos that may have faded over time or become damaged. The algorithm makes an educated guess about missing or damaged details from each image, smoothing out creases and enhancing color. While the AI may not always recreate an exact replica of the original photo, the restored …

Dream Spray

Made with tinctures of mugwort, Pacific dogwood, peppermint, holy basil and California poppy, Dream Spray promotes sleep, relaxation and (as its name implies) dreams. Each ingredient comes from ethically gathered and organically cultivated plants, and the formula also includes essential oils, grain alcohol and water. Simply spritz onto pillows before bed to encourage restful slumber or even on clothing to support meditation and creativity.

This Glove-Like Device Encourages Lucid Dreaming

Though still in development trials, the new “Dormio” device invented by MIT researchers shows potential for aiding lucid dreaming—or more specifically, hypnagogic microdreams. Using the “steel ball technique” (popularized a century ago and used by Salvador Dalí and Thomas Edison) as a starting point, the team built a biometric glove-like device that identifies the onset of sleep, and subsequently attempts influencing oncoming dreams based on …