Zuko Jumbo Ice Trays

Designed to save space and for convenience, Zuko’s jumbo ice trays make six large ice cubes across two stackable containers. Made from silicone molds, the trays make removing ice easy, while a flavor-guard lip prevents spills and freezer-tasting cubes.

MoMA Two-Tone Borosilicate Glass Straws

This set of six two-tone straws makes for a practical gift or a party favor—guests can drink through them at dinner, and then take one home for future use. Made from true-colored borosilicate glass, the color combinations include yellow with pink, green with blue and lilac with orange. These hues inject a little levity into a practical, easy-to-clean product.

Insulated Canteen

Corkcicle’s canteens stand out thanks to their attention to detail. Patented easy-grip sides prevent the bottle from rolling (while also providing an angular look), its no-slip bottom keeps it secure on almost any surface, and triple insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for 12 and 25 hours respectively. Available at four different capacities and in a range of colors—from glossy pastel peach to brushed copper—there’s …