Glacier White Toothbrush

After releasing all-black and rose-colored brushes, Goby has just introduced an all-white (referred to as “Glacier White”) edition. The brush will come with all the same features: long-lasting battery, session timer, speed variations, and lifetime guarantee.

CH Omakase 2016: Goby Electric Toothbrush

A well-designed, oral health-focused device in our exclusive colorway

With a focus on users’ health and a want to offer a well-designed, inexpensive electric toothbrush option, NYC-tech start-up Goby developed a portable, USB-charged device that we ourselves have been using since its launch. This is a high-performance oral care toothbrush that’s simple enough to use, and gentle enough for every day use. Operating on two settings—regular and sensitive—partnered with soft, premium rounded tip bristles, …

Goby’s Inexpensive Electric Toothbrush

Focused on the health of users, this brand wants us to pay more attention to our mouths

Founded by friends Claire Burke and Ben Goldberg, Goby‘s main areas of focus are the health of users’ mouths and bank accounts. The duo both felt priced out of the electric toothbrush game and decided to create their own version. The result is the Goby: an affordable, effective and super-simple toothbrush for everybody and anybody. With two settings (regular and sensitive) paired with soft, premium …