A simple, patented arm-strengthening system from p.volve, the P.Band utilizes two linked “gloves” for resistance training. This easy-to-use and effective upper body workout aims to sculpt through repetitions. P.Band, composed of latex tubing and woven polyester, neoprene and cotton mitts, is also lightweight and compact, allowing it to travel with ease.

The DreamDiscs

Once an exclusive accessory for DB Method Machine users, the brand’s DB Method DreamDiscs are now available for at-home use. While these are intended to act as a warm-up to a more all-encompassing routine, they work well as a standalone exercise. Place them on hardwood, carpet, or tile flooring and the Discs will glide with ease, allowing you to partake in exercises like mountain climbers, …

AWATfit’s Roving Outdoor Gym

Effective exercises that can be done outside and away from others

Initially created in 2019 for those lacking the access or desire to visit a gym, AWATfit (Any Where Any Time Fitness) brings all the necessary equipment and a trainer to your driveway, the woods, the beach or wherever you fancy. The program centers on founder Rich Decker‘s truck, which he and a friend (a professional customizer) outfitted with 20 workout stations—bungee runs, TRX, Gorilla Bow, HELM, …