Lazy Leopards Handheld Fan

Khu Khu’s bold, colorful fans are handmade in Spain from wood and cotton. This one, from the Cool Cats collection, channels a distinctly vintage vibe through its illustration of leopards lounging in trees. With lush green, azure and golden hues, the fan is finished with a cyan tassel.

Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Purifying Fan

A suite of innovations make this appliance a welcome addition to any space

Fusing two of the brand’s most popular devices, Dyson‘s Pure Cool Me operates as both a purifier and a fan and is the ideal size for a desk or bedside table. The brand’s first personal purifying fan, the appliance pulls air in through its cylindrical base and propels purified air out of the upper, orb-like fan—trapping the mold, pollen, allergens, bacteria and ultra-fine particles that …

MoMA Design Store’s Travel Essentials Gift Guide

Items for exploring by planes, trains, bikes and more

Presented by MoMA Design Store

After a few months of virtual travel with the MoMA Design Store team—from Copenhagen to Malmö and Tokyo—we learned about some of their favorite restaurants, museums and shops, and also explored the countless practical and stylish goods on offer in their own store. From self-watering planters that keep your leafy friends alive while you’re gone, to navigation gadgets, practical accessories and more, we’ve selected the following …