Haruka Misawa’s Soothing Fish Tank Designs

Looking much like underwater zen gardens, Haruka Misawa’s minimalist fish tanks eschew traditional rainbow colored rocks in favor of soothing geometries and 3D printed structures. On display now in Taiwan, her exhibition “Waterscape” explores the relationship between gravity, buoyancy, air and water, all through unique perspective of fish tanks. The tiny aquariums are sculptural on their own, but with fish freely swimming inside, they’re given …


AquaFarm allows you to nurture your very own ecosystem. It’s a fish tank, all parts included, and a set of planters for herbs and wheat grass that you can grow right on your kitchen counter. Better yet, the tank is self-cleaning and powered by the science of aquaponics. All you need to get started is a fish and some seed.

iMac Aquarium

With new computers becoming archaic more immediately than ever before, luckily there are clever thinkers like Jake Harms in the world. From his humble and self-grown shop, Harms transforms would-be-discarded iMacs into aquatic wonderlands. Infinitely more entertaining than your typical screensaver, these upcycled aquariums bring a new perspective on how we use technology.