Described to be the “choice of champs,” MBS MFG. CO.’s quality caps are a win, for sure. Made with classic five-panel construction, these brimmed beauties have just the right mix of timeless simplicity and downtown freshness. Homegrown in Jersey City and made in the USA, this soon-to-be favorite chapeau is available in a multitude of colors and fabrics to suit any and all noggins.

Five-Panel Hats

Five picks for staying shaded this summer

The hot summer sun calls for a hat that blocks out rays without overheating your head. Find solace in the unstructured fit of the five-panel cap—by design this style favors lightweight fabrics and a slimmer silhouette, making it an ideal option for warmer climes. From party prints to subdued denim, the following are five casual caps to replace your sticker-clad fitted this summer. HUF Nothing …