Tall Shoulders Vase

Toronto-based ceramicist Julie Moon coil-built the Tall Shoulders Vase with stoneware and a matte white glaze. As its name indicates, the ceramic stands statuesque with exaggerated arms, adding a quiet  playfulness to the otherwise regal form.

Nine-Inch Vase

Handmade by Australia-based homeware brand Degoey Planet (helmed by Alexandria Degoey), this glossy phallic vase is crafted from stoneware clay and finished with a kitschy red gingham pattern (though other color schemes are also available). The result is functional, playful and a little raunchy.

Wall Vase

Handcrafted in the south of France, the “Wall Vase” by designer Lola Mayeras is soft and sophisticated. Featuring rounded, familiar forms and a beige glaze, the earthenware’s flat backside means it can hang flush with the wall—or rest on its side or back for a touch of whimsy. Price is in Euros.