Gift Guide: More Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

Upgrades for your kitchen that are functional, design-forward and kinder to the environment

While it’s crucial to shift much of the onus from consumers to big brands and the government regarding sustainability, we can all do better. (For example, while the US is only recycling some 9% of plastics, we can also try to use less.) And the kitchen—whether at home or work—is one space where we can reduce waste while also using more eco-friendly products. From reusable …

Reusable Sandwich Bag

Woven from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard-certified cotton and finished with a non-toxic coating, Haps Nordic’s handcrafted sandwich bag is a reusable alternative. Sealed with velcro, the pouch allows contents to breathe rather than sweat (and condensate) inside. They’re available in eight different colors and patterns.

Reusable Stand-Up Bag

Buying in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging waste we use requires employing other storage vessels. Stasher’s reusable stand-up bags are constructed from non-toxic 100% pure platinum silicone that’s safe for dishwashers and microwaves. Each can hold 56 fluid ounces (or 12 cups dry) and they are available in aqua or clear.