High Kite + Journey Tube

The World’s Best Ever’s HIGH Kite and Journey Tube are two items made for outdoor adventuring and spreading positive vibes. Each kite is hand-stitched by Miami-based kite-maker Dan Ward and serves as a bold statement—whether in use or on display. The clever carry case doubles as a fully functioning water pipe and was designed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based studio The Principals.

A Website That Leads to Other Useless Websites

Your work day is officially done. Web developer Tim Holman has created a website that leads to other websites that are all pointless, aimless and completely captivating. Theuselessweb.com has only one button, but that’s all it needs to be the best website you’ve ever visited. Behind that clickable pink square is a world of random absurdities, including an animation of Oprah unleashing a swarm of …

Pot Leaf Chess Set

Expand your mind in multiple dimensions with a game of pot leaf chess. The 32 pieces come in the shapes of bongs, bowls, joints, pot leafs and more.