This all-in-one teapot and mug is made for solo time, and takes a few tips from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the same time. Heat-resistant to save your hands, this cup keeps your tea warm while it steeps and you concentrate on getting zen. The vibrant touch of color adds just the right amount of energy to an object that encourages serenity.

Reflexology Kit

Easy to use and affordable, Saje’s kit makes it simple to incorporate reflexology into your daily routine. With two essential oils—one for energy and one for stress release—the kit also includes a mat that works with your own weight to massage contact points on your feet. Promoting better balance and general wellbeing, this kit is for anybody who needs a little time to relax.

Naughty + Nice Key Rings

Philadelphia’s Three Potato Four has a wide range of retro hotel-inspired key rings, but this year they have released a catchy, limited edition style just for the holiday season. Available in white on pink, or red on white, they say “Naughty” on one side and “Nice” on the other. Made in the USA.