Cocktail Glasses

From MAMO (the design collaboration between Arley Marks and Jonathan Mosca), these hourglass-shaped glasses feature an elevated, function-forward silhouette. The smaller end holds two ounces, the perfect size for measuring out a pour of liquor, while the larger end receives seven ounces which is ideal for sipping wine or a cocktail. Available in a slew of retro colors and two-toned palates, these joyful glasses blend …

Wave Shape Glasses

These retro Wave Shape glasses are playful but sophisticated. Available in four colorways (blue, green, brown and transparent), they are crafted from borosilicate glass and suitable for cold or hot drinks. Safe for dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators, these glasses were made by Frankfurt-based Walltify in collaboration with Nalde Limited Studio in Singapore.

Coupe Twirl Mint Set

Amsterdam-based design studio &KLevering has been injecting color, joy and spirit into homewares since 1992. Their Coupe Twirl Mint vessels playfully riff on classic champagne glasses with unexpected shapes and hues. Using a textured, retro shape and a mint-colored stem, these glasses elevate any drink. Price is in Euros.