Indoor Green: Living With Plants

Full of bright and cheery photography by Lauren Bamford with words by Mr Kitly owner Bree Claffey, “Indoor Green: Living With Plants” is a hardcover tome that celebrates the power of flora. Showing off homes all over the world, the book reveals the complicated and stupidly-simple ways in which a little greenery can transform an interior. And, if you can’t keep a plant alive, you …

Hori Hori All-Purpose Digging Knife

Made from high-quality carbon steel, this 11-inch Hori Hori (“hori” meaning “to dig” in Japanese) is perfect for repotting indoor or outdoor plants and getting rid of pesky weeds. Part knife and part spade, its blade is serrated to get through roots and tough soil. Complete with a gold-decorated vinyl sheath, a hori hori is essential for any green thumb.

Microgarden Indoor Greenhouse

The clever Microgarden is a foldable greenhouse in which to grow vegetable sprouts. Perfect for small spaces, Microgarden blends an appealing, simple design with reliable functionality. Made from a transparent, recyclable and waterproof material, the origami-inspired product comes complete with seeds to begin your own microgreen-growing revolution.