Comfort Cleanse

From NYC-based Soft Services (founded by Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou), Comfort Cleanse is a super-light water gel that’s ideal for sensitive or dry skin, and is even gentle enough for babies. The smooth, unscented formula creates a light lather. It’s housed in a subtle green-hued aluminum bottle that can be recycled.

Summer Hair and Skincare Essentials

Refreshing serums, nourishing lotions with sun protection, frizz-foiling masks and more

For many people, slathering on oils and lotions in the colder months likely feels more finessed than weighing down one’s skin and hair in the sweltering summer heat. Still, the warmer months present specific circumstances that are necessary to address, from intense UV rays to humidity causing frizz. Some of the following products are crucial for health, while others are more about aesthetics, but all are effective …

Takamichi Hair Kit

Developed by the acclaimed NYC-based stylist Takamichi Saeki, founder of the Lower East Side salon Takamichi Hair, this “ultimate hair kit” includes a luscious, nourishing shampoo and a strengthening conditioner (both in large 12 fl oz bottles). Saeki spent four years perfecting his Takamichi product line of everyday essentials—invoking his more than 20 years of hands-on experience with clients. Each is produced in Italy from …