Takamichi Hair Kit

Developed by the acclaimed NYC-based stylist Takamichi Saeki, founder of the Lower East Side salon Takamichi Hair, this “ultimate hair kit” includes a luscious, nourishing shampoo and a strengthening conditioner (both in large 12 fl oz bottles). Saeki spent four years perfecting his Takamichi product line of everyday essentials—invoking his more than 20 years of hands-on experience with clients. Each is produced in Italy from …

SuperDew Highlighter Balm

Made in the US and 100% vegan, this highlighter enhances complexion, making skin look dewy and luminous. It doesn’t just operate at the surface-level, however, it also supports healthy skin to ensure nourishment long after application. Chamomile, green tea extract, jojoba esters and more deliver calming benefits that make SuperDew applicable for all skin types, including flaky, sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

New Platform Remane Empowers People with Curly and Kinky Hair

The innovative platform leverages contextualized hair data because "haircare is self-care"

When Ariel Lee—who co-founded Remane, a haircare journey platform specially dedicated to Afro-textured hair—was in college at the University of Texas, fellow students began coming to her to do their hair. “One girl was asking me to braid down her hair so she could slap a wig on it,” she tells us. “When she came to me her hair was so matted up. It was …