Glassy Hoops

Handblown by a local artisan in Brooklyn, these glass earrings from contemporary jewelry designer Annika Inez are a playful take on classic hoops. Available in five colors (blue, aqua, mauve, purple or clear) these  borosilicate glass pieces are fastened to a solid 14K solid gold post and catch light, adding to their shine.

Hudson Pipe

Handblown in a range of sophisticated colors, the Hudson Pipe is an elegant way to indulge. The wide-based, disc-shape chamber lets smoke build-up and cool down before it hits your lips. Available in clear, teal, black or lilac  borosilicate glass, each one is unique, thanks to its handmade nature.

Glass Holder

For those hoping to avoid burnt fingers, this glass joint holder, made by Cha Cha Chainz in collaboration with Elevate Jane, takes design notes from vintage cigarette holders while adding a contemporary twist. The style is available in small or large iterations, measuring either four of five inches, and should coincide with the size spliff you roll. Each piece is handblown in the USA and …