Canvas Hex Cushion

Crafted from a rugged canvas textile tough enough to withstand your pooch’s nails and gnawing, Velvet Hippo’s Hex cushion is durable but comfy—thanks to its recycled poly-fill stuffing. Designed in Brooklyn, its worn-in blue hue is the result of careful dyeing and stone-washing. Available in three sizes—small, medium and large—the cushion can accommodate pets of all sizes. And for those who don’t love blue as …

Hex Cushion

Velvet Hippo’s hex cushion line offers excellent resting spaces for pups up to 70 pounds. The range comes in small (24″), medium (32″) and large (38″), with three colorway options. The outer fold is sturdy and inside there’s a hypo-allergenic recycled poly-fill. For ease when cleaning, the interior pillows and fill can be removed so the cover can be washed separately.