Danish Design Brand Vipp’s 80th Anniversary Products

Celebrating the legacy with their first-ever chair, French artist Vahram Muratyan's commemorative bin and new furniture

What began as a provincial metalworker’s vision for a functional, respectable trash can has expanded into a most important global design brand. Vipp founder Holger Nielse personally crafted his now-iconic pedal bin in 1939. It has since found a place in homes around the world, as well as in MoMA‘s permanent collection. From Nielsen’s first concept to the development of other kitchenware in 2012, a …

Design-Driven, 3D-Printed Lighting Options From Gantri

Modern lamps from various designers, available at affordable prices

Frequently, cost inhibits the purchase of future-forward design items for the home. Breaking through this barrier, online lighting marketplace Gantri gives consumers access to the work of numerous award-winning designers at undeniably reasonable prices. This pertains to the fact that their exclusive roster of 30+ products are 3D-printed upon purchase. But Gantri isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a platform for emerging designs, an R&D facility …

Studio Visit: nanimarquina

We explore the Barcelona space with the brand's founder and head designer

“A rug always makes you feel home.”