Studio Visit: nanimarquina

We explore the Barcelona space with the brand's founder and head designer

“A rug always makes you feel home.”

Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Fast Shipping

Last-minute ideas for those panicking about presents

Each year the holidays sneak up and oftentimes you have just a few days to buy gifts for someone—or everyone. Thankfully many online retailers offer two-day or overnight shipping. It might come at an additional cost, but that’s the price for being busy or a little disorganized. If you’re in the midst of a present panic, take a look at our Fast Shipping Gift Guide …

Piaule’s Minimalist Ceramic Vessels

Mindfully made pieces, crafted painstakingly in the USA

Only one set of dishware—a ceramic bowl and a plate—brings me joy daily. They were handmade for Piaule, an online-only brand that is painstakingly perfecting homewares one at a time; and as a testament to their work, I’ve never felt the need to own any more bowls or plates. Piaule works so painstakingly, in fact, that it’s been about a year since their last release: …