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Art of Ping Pong

Blossom Paddle


In collaboration with French illustrator Marylou Faure, the playful brand Art of Ping Pong created Blossom, a whimsical paddle in line with Faure’s cheeky and colorful graphics. The paddle, carved from FSC …

Tangram Factory

SmartRope Chrome


Featuring durable alloy ball bearings for reduced friction and decreased wrist strain, the SmartRope Chrome is a tech-forward jump rope that displays fitness data mid-air using LEDs. Built with accurate workout tracking …

DB Method Machine

The DreamDiscs


Once an exclusive accessory for DB Method Machine users, the brand’s DB Method DreamDiscs are now available for at-home use. While these are intended to act as a warm-up to a more …


Jump Rope Set


Any fitness enthusiast—especially those with a fondness for boxing—will confirm the impact and efficiency of jumping rope. Easy and inexpensive, this activity also eschews the need for bulky gear. CROSSROPE’s Get Lean …