Blue Tie-Dye Long Sleeved Swimsuit

Made from 100% recycled fishing nets, House of Holland and Speedo’s long-sleeved swimsuit boasts a somewhat retro tie-dye pattern, but the silhouette is contemporary and sleek. With high-cut legs, the suit’s plunging zipper offers a little flexibility and breathability.

House of Holland’s Perfect Pride Collection

“A little bit jaded with the term ‘gender-neutral,’” Henry Holland—founder/designer at British label House of Holland—has created a capsule collection for Pride that’s made for everybody and can be worn all year ’round. The colorful, rainbow-colored suits aren’t emblazoned with cutesy slogans, rather they encapsulate the range’s name “Show Your True Colours.” Holland says, “I think [that phrase] is something that is often used in …