Foster Slippers

From Greats, these Foster Slippers are thoughtfully designed, made responsibly and super-cozy. Their nylon upper is constructed from recycled fishing nets and carpet, and lined with mesh made from plastic bottles. For a durable and sleek finish, the rubber outsoles are wrapped in locally sourced leather, providing textural difference between the puffer-inspired top and smooth footbed. These slides range in sizes and are offered in …

DAO-2 Slippers

Japanese brand Suicoke’s DAO-2 slippers (available in two colorways) feature an adjustable nylon and PVC-padded band with a toggle string for tightening to ensure a firm but comfortable fit. The industrial upper contrasts a rugged sole, which makes these ideal in-between shoes. Intended for all genders, these slides feature subtle gray and black with a pop of yellow and an overall utilitarian vibe.

Winter Room Boots

Lined with absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads that are infused with Kumazasa plant fibers, these wool room boots—aka boot-shaped slippers—are breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial. Even more importantly, they’re super-cozy and warm for the winter months. Shuffle around your house in comfort while the snow falls outside. Available in grey or navy.