Spritzer All-In-One Watering Can

This retro-styled, multi-functional watering can is designed to provide solutions and simplify plant care. On one end, an extra-thin and long spout makes getting into hard-to-reach spots easy; on the other, a multipurpose head has three positions—spray, stream and off—to cater to various plants’ very different needs. Made from recycled plastic, this lightweight watering can condenses gardening tools into one clever vessel.

Daniel Gordon: Houseplants

From the not-for-profit photo foundation Aperture, Daniel Gordon: Houseplants turns six of the artist’s mesmerizing still life images of houseplants into a six-page pop-up. This limited edition, collectible hardcover book, designed by by Simon Arizpe, celebrates the work of Gordon and the sculptural nature of plants.

Indoor + Houseplant Fertilizer

Made in the US, these odorless, small-batch plant food tablets provide the essential nutrients and trace micronutrients required for a healthy indoor garden. Convenient and versatile, Instant Plant Food sources ingredients from naturally occurring minerals and eco-friendly live fermentation of waste-based feedstock and molasses, making this fertilizer suited to wide range of plants—from tropicals and orchids to potted plants and even air or desert plants. …