Glass + Brass Incense Burner

Appearing more scientific than spiritual, Margate, UK-based Haeckels’ incense burner features a brass bottom plate under a lab-like glass flask. Placing the flask onto the plate when an incense cone is lit will amplify the scent and push a puff of smoke up through the neck and out the top. (Doing so will also extinguish the flame, so be certain you’re finished before placing it.) …

Pebble Incense Holder

Maison Balzac’s “Le Galet,” aka the Pebble incense holder, straddles playful and sophisticated design. Now available in white, the minimal vessel is also made in pink, amber and black, and holds one standard stick at a time. Crafted from 100% borosilicate glass, the appealing organic shape complements all styles of decor.

Ceramic Incense Chamber

A variation on traditional Japanese incense chambers, this vessel from Wacko Maria is crafted from glossy white ceramic and shaped like the Virgin Mary. Replacing her eyes and (in the shape of a cross) along her chest and back, are holes from which the aroma can diffuse. The base is a separate piece, making clean-up easy.