Sovereign Land Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

From Clothing The Gaps (a hybrid social enterprise and apparel brand), this long-sleeve “Sovereign Land” T-shirt states a fact and can work as a conversation starter about invasion, sovereignty and land rights. The Melbourne/Naarm-based collective designs and prints the garment in Wurundjeri Country in an ethical manner. Made from 100% cotton, its bold colors also echo those of the Aboriginal Flag. Price is in AUD.

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Paleontologists Discover a Swimming Dinosaur In Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, scientists discovered the bones of a previously unknown dinosaur species, Natovenator polydontus, the first and only dinosaur found that had specific adaptions suited for swimming. Hailing from prehistoric Mongolia about 71 million years ago, the Natovenator was a “many-toothed hunting swimmer” that measured around a foot long. A relative of the Velociraptor and other sharp-toothed predators, the …