Sleep Kit

With two components, The Nue Co’s Sleep Kit comes with Magnesium Ease spray and Sleep Drops, make falling—and staying—asleep easier. The spray—made using magnesium chloride with lavender and arnica oil—helps to reduce muscle tension. Simply spray it on and massage into your face (be prepared for a mild tingle and the flavor if it hits your lips). The sleep drops are essentially a tincture, made with …

Sleep Tea

Made from chamomile and lavender (of course with no caffeine or stimulants), this Sleep Tea is an ideal way to wind down. More than encouraging one to fall sleep faster, it also coaxes the body into a restorative deep sleep cycle—hopefully meaning drinkers should wake up well-rested.

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1. Samsung Blends National Anthems into One Considering the current world climate—sadly an anti-globalization fear seems to be gaining momentum—Samsung’s Olympics commercial is incredibly timely. The advertisement blends a bunch of national anthems into one, with people from all over the world singing lines of other countries’ patriotic tunes: from Cambodia to Malawi, Tunisia, Canada and Malaysia. While obviously made to tug at the heartstrings, …