Factory Visit: Italy’s Beloved Flexform Furniture

A glimpse at how the multi-generational, family-owned brand makes their sophisticated, strong yet supple pieces

Presented in partnership with Flexform

Flexform‘s furniture is angled but flexile, strong but supple, robust but comfortable, tenacious but delicate. These seemingly opposing traits work in perfect harmony through the Italian brand’s many creations. In fact, their philosophy—to combine comfort with sophisticated aesthetics—is within the name Flexform itself: a portmanteau of “flexible” and “form.” Founded in 1959 by brothers Romeo, Pietro and Agostino Galimberti, Flexform is still owned and run …

Mini Topo Lamp

A small but significant piece of modern Italian industrial design history, Joe Colombo’s Mini Topo Lamp (1970) sports a red shade in the iconic bulbous silhouette and curved chrome base. The perfect piece for adding a pop of color and a museum-worthy object to your desktop.