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Joya Studio

A24 Horror Candle


To evoke the sensations of film’s most frightening genre—through scent—independent entertainment company A24 (beloved for releases like The Witch, Midsommar and Hereditary) collaborated with Brooklyn-based fragrance studio Joya on a “Horror” candle. …

Naptime Candles


Fragrance design studio Joya and artist Camilla Engstrom—NYC neighbors—have collaborated on a candle for enhanced Zs. To avoid a common, on-the-nose traditional lavender scent, oak moss, smoky incense, cedar leaf and a …

Outrenoir Scented Candle


Two artisanal forces in New York—Calico Wallpaper and fragrance design studio Joya—collaborate this season for a trio of uniquely scented candles, each with their own handmade marbled glass vessel. Calico, though just …