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Tom Dixon

Bump Jug


Tom Dixon is known for eccentric designs and playful iterations of everyday objects, and his glorious Bump Jug is no exception. With a high-arching handle, tall spout, and curves for days, it’s …

Form Jug


Self-taught British designer Tom Dixon stirs up nostalgia for afternoon tea rituals with his golden six-piece Form Tea Set that includes a teapot, tea caddy, sugar dish, jug, a handleless milk jug …



Japanese ceramicist and RCA grad Ikuko Iwamoto takes a Buddhist approach to her medium, and her flexible thinking leads to pieces that are both sculptural and functional. These meticulously hand-dotted, slip-cast porcelain …

Silt Collection


Utilizing age-old production methods and materials, design and architecture house VW+BS inject contemporary aesthetics into timeless pieces. The forthcoming Silt Collection uses the ancient Chinese material purple clay, renowned for its absorbent …