Takenaka Bento Boxes

Pack a lunch on the go in one of these classic, colorful containers

Bento boxes have long been a popular lunch option, providing a variety of menu items in an affordable, portable manner. And though the containers are oftentimes thought of as disposable, Takenaka has been making high-quality reusable bento boxes in Japan since 1925. Takenaka boxes perfectly contain just about any homemade lunch with multiple compartments to divide food and keep things neat and fresh. The PBA-free …

Beats + Hello Kitty Headphones

These super cute special edition Beats + Hello Kitty Solo² lightweight high fidelity headphones come with a custom case to commemorate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary. They feature a blue and white headband design with Hello Kitty’s iconic red bow and a RemoteTalk cable to take calls and control music on iOS devices.

JapanLA Merges The Simpsons + Hello Kitty

Worlds collide for two iconic anniversaries in this new collection by the kawaii retailer

Let the clamoring begin, because it very well may be one of the cutest—and most surprising—combos in history. A year after Sanrio and Twentieth Century Fox announced the The Simpsons and Hello Kitty brand licensing opportunities in anticipation of Sanrio’s 40th anniversary along with The Simpson’s 25th this year (teasing the public with a picture of just the top of the heads of the Simpsons’ …