Word of Mouth: Maui

Adventures, farm-to-table dining and more on the idyllic Valley Isle

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The idyllic and magical island of Maui is #1 this year on KAYAK’s 2018 Trending Destinations List—made up of the destinations seeing the biggest search increases year over year. Certainly a favorite with CH, Hawaii‘s archipelago offers stunning views, majestic national parks, some of the best surfing in the world and so much more. Known as the Valley Isle, Maui is the second-biggest Hawaiian island …

Word of Mouth: Amsterdam

Travel to the idyllic art and food epicenter with confidence

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The picturesque city of Amsterdam, defined by its idyllic canals and bike-friendly accessibly, lands at #4 on KAYAK’s 2018 Trending List—made up of the destinations seeing the biggest increases in searches year over year. Long a CH favorite, this destination features everything modern travelers desire, from artist-run spaces to shops full of covetable treasures, book stores and craft cocktails. There’s something for everybody in the …

Word of Mouth: Minneapolis

Known as an arts-loving city, there's that and so much more happening in Minnesota's largest city

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From arts and music festivals to the mega-draw of the big game, Minneapolis continues to rise as a cultural destination. For years it’s been a CH favorite with great museums, a varied and vibrant landscape, theater, music and public arts programs often with a perspective that’s satisfyingly more intellectual than commercial. This year, it also happens to be #5 on KAYAK’s Picks list, featuring 10 …