ChungKing Mansion Keychain

Rock Plan’s green ChungKing keychain recalls both the notoriously nefarious multi-story residential building in Hong Kong as well as Wong Kar-wai’s hypnotic romantic comedy ChungKing Express. Paying homage to one of the esteemed director’s films, his distinct neon-tinged visuals and the chaos and mystery of the building, this keychain to the mansion captures the thrill and nostalgia of the site.

Mini Jointlocker

Made in Canada from plant-based plastic, Another Room’s Mini Jointlocker is a neat carrying case for a small BIC lighter and a mini joint. A removable chain allows users to attach the kit to a set of keys, bag or belt. Available in various colors and sizes, it’s a playful but practical accessory. Price is in CAD.

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Key Ring

An iconic artwork that’s instantly attributable, Yayoi Kusama’s spotted pumpkin is miniaturized for this key ring. There’s an extra charm attached that features a tiny illustration of Kusama on one side and the words “LOVE FOREVER” on the other. It’s a thoughtful way to carry Kusama’s message of love and world peace with you all the time.