Lil’ Paint Brush Set

From women-owned, San Diego-based arts and crafts brand Ooly comes the Lil’ Paint Brush set, intended for kids aged three and over. The set of seven colorful brushes includes different sizes of various types—flat, filbert, round and angled—which will spark creativity in little ones.

The Modern Child’s Playhouse

The Modern Child’s Playhouse is a blank canvas that prompts imagination. Made from washable and durable recycled plastic, the all-white A-frame structure allows kids to color and decorate endlessly while also providing them a sanctuary of their own. With a sleek design that folds neatly into a rectangle, the Playhouse easily integrates into many spaces.

Shape Stamps

Designer and illustrator Rilla Alexander’s heartwarming forms and bold colors spur imagination in children and adults alike. Her stamp kit, a collection of geometric beech wood stamps with colorful ink pads, offers a glimpse behind her process and it invites others to build their own characters, landscapes and objects. Much like the designer’s work, the kit sparks creativity.