The Modern Child’s Playhouse

The Modern Child’s Playhouse is a blank canvas that prompts imagination. Made from washable and durable recycled plastic, the all-white A-frame structure allows kids to color and decorate endlessly while also providing them a sanctuary of their own. With a sleek design that folds neatly into a rectangle, the Playhouse easily integrates into many spaces.

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Kids + Pets

From books to beds, jackets, games, toys and more, present ideas for the ones that rely on you most

Of course, we recognize the substantial differences between children and pets, but there’s something undeniably wondrous about products developed with children, canines, felines and more in mind. Whimsy and imagination often teach or train. Function exists alongside beauty. Toys, tools, articles of entertainment and instruments of creation all represent a part of the design world defined by access. Whether you’re shopping for a kid, a …

Castle Block Set

From the heirloom-quality South German toy brand Gluckskafer, the Castle Block Set is a vertical puzzle produced with wood from the Linden tree. The bright primary colors (drawn from non-toxic, water-based paint) lend each block—and the non-traditional, but still fairytale-like castle as a whole—an even more imaginative presence.