Oracle Olive Oil

Made from 100% organic Koroneiki olives grown on farms along the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece, Oracle Olive Oil is peppery and fresh. Koroneiki olives are high in polyphenol and oleocanthal, and are small but yield low-acidity oil, making this product not only ideal for cooking but also for dipping bread in or for using in salad dressing.

Greek Red Fruit Vinegar

From Yiayia and Friends—a brand that celebrates Greek cuisine through snacks, olive oils, kitchenware and more—comes a red fruit vinegar made with organically grown grapes. Rich and aromatic, this aged balsamic is perfect for making salad dressing or marinades. Like all Yiayia and Friends products, the colorful and playful design makes it pleasing to keep on the dining table. Price is in Euros.

Ikoyi: A Journey Through Bold Heat with Recipes

From childhood friends and co-founders of London’s two-Michelin-starred Ikoyi, Iré Hassan-Odukale and Jeremy Chan’s Ikoyi: A Journey Through Bold Heat with Recipes explores the flavors of sub-Saharan West Africa. The spice-focused menu at Ikoyi is given extra insight in the book, with each of the 80 recipes accompanied by a story explaining how the dish was developed, as well as information about seasonality. The dishes here …