Yaeji: One More

Super-talented singer/songwriter/DJ/producer Yaeji (aka Kathy Yaeji Lee) has released yet another hypnotic track that blends classic 4×4 house with pop sensibilities. “One More” is a lush, layered song with Korean and English lyrics that are part spoken, part sung and part whispered. Yaeji keeps her listeners beguiled from beginning to end. Yaeji is currently touring the USA and Canada, and will head to Australia in December.


Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim dance to Kanye West, new Skepta, Korean folk-metal and more in this week's look at music

Skepta: Man Skepta’s world domination is imminent: 6 May sees the release of his LP Konnichiwa, which many have been eagerly awaiting since the London-based MC and producer dropped the single “That’s Not Me” (featuring his brother JME) back in 2014, and the riotous “Shutdown” the following year. Helming the resurgence of UK grime, the 33-year-old (born Joseph Junior Adenuga) doesn’t look like he’ll be …