Patrón El Alto Ventures into the Prestige Market

This recently released barrel-aged tequila is aimed at collectors

For years, the tequila category has moved toward becoming the next captivating collector’s market while the liquid has maintained its image as a party staple. No brand embodies this more than Patrón. The well-known, big-box brand has a history of cultivating a blend of celebration and luxury, and with the recent launch of Patrón El Alto, a prestige product, the company is aiming for a …

65 Years Old Scotch

In a specially designed Lalique bottle, known as the “Peerless Spirit” decanter, acclaimed Scotch whisky distillery The Macallan has unveiled one of their oldest, rarest liquids to date. The 65 Years Old—which will be limited to just 450 bottles—carries much of the flavor profile (and coloration) one would expect from something left to age for so long. There’s a rich viscosity, plenty of honey, vanilla …

100 Points Champagne Glasses

A collaboration with esteemed wine critic James Suckling and world renowned crystal maker Lalique, these glasses are made with the intention of serving champagne by the best means possible. Designed in a neo-classical style with engraved ribbing in Lalique’s signature frosted crystal.