Alphabet Block Set

Made by Korean design studio Oioiooi, this set consists of 60 wooden (beech and walnut) blocks. Of the set, 26 are letters and another 34 are corresponding numbers, shapes and characters. As a child plays with the letters, they also learn cognitive and motor skills—like problem-solving, building, storytelling and perhaps even spelling.

Language and Reading Encouragement from the Square Panda Playset

A workstation that turns your iPad into a next-level phonics and spelling tool

Anyone with a young child understands first-hand their attraction to technology and their innate ability to use it. Square Panda has tapped into this connection and delivered a physical playset to accompany an iPad (and Android tablets soon) along with a series of dedicated educational games, all with a focus on phonics development for very young readers. The Square Panda playset and its magnetic letters …