Introducing William Schwing: the First-Ever #LiveThem Award Winner

A serious passion (and plan) for fried chicken has paid off

Sponsored by Rémy Martin

The first-ever #LiveThem Award—a unique initiative from Gear Patrol, COOL HUNTING and Rémy Martin®—has been fascinating to follow. The entries were countless and the passions wildly varied. The winner was difficult to pick, but ultimately we chose William Schwing—co-founder of Tawny Goods by day and an enthusiastic fried chicken expert in his spare time. He is one multi-faceted individual, with his position at Tawny Goods …

How $10,000 Will Help These People Further Their Talents

Meet the first-ever #LiveThem Award finalists

Sponsored by Rémy Martin®

When we created the #LiveThem Award with our friends at Rémy Martin® and Gear Patrol we felt kicking off the year with a $10,000 award was a great way to help one of our readers further develop one of their talents, and today we are one step closer to making that come true. We are very excited to announce the five finalists, one of whom …

Develop Your Talents with the Help of the First-Ever #LiveThem Award

Thanks to Rémy Martin® and a whopping $10,000

Sponsored by Rémy Martin®

Nobody is defined by just one thing—whether that’s their job, hobby, hometown—we’re all multi-faceted humans. But to pursue and successfully cultivating our full potential we need two things: motivation and resources. While we can’t be your life coach and help with the former; the latter is where the #LiveThem Award comes in. It’s a unique initiative from Gear Patrol, COOL HUNTING, and Rémy Martin® that …