Introducing William Schwing: the First-Ever #LiveThem Award Winner

A serious passion (and plan) for fried chicken has paid off

Sponsored by Rémy Martin

The first-ever #LiveThem Award—a unique initiative from Gear Patrol, COOL HUNTING and Rémy Martin®—has been fascinating to follow. The entries were countless and the passions wildly varied. The winner was difficult to pick, but ultimately we chose William Schwing—co-founder of Tawny Goods by day and an enthusiastic fried chicken expert in his spare time. He is one multi-faceted individual, with his position at Tawny Goods …

Develop Your Talents with the Help of the First-Ever #LiveThem Award

Thanks to Rémy Martin® and a whopping $10,000

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Nobody is defined by just one thing—whether that’s their job, hobby, hometown—we’re all multi-faceted humans. But to pursue and successfully cultivating our full potential we need two things: motivation and resources. While we can’t be your life coach and help with the former; the latter is where the #LiveThem Award comes in. It’s a unique initiative from Gear Patrol, COOL HUNTING, and Rémy Martin® that …

Take Your Talents Further

Thanks to the first-ever $10,000 #LiveThem Award

Sponsored by Rémy Martin®

It’s tempting to define someone by a single detail—a job, hobby or hometown. Yet we all know there’s more to us than any one label. Successfully cultivating our full potential as diverse individuals requires two critical elements: motivation and resources. Solving the first part of that equation will always be up to you. But that second part is something we can help with. That’s the …