Artist Lorenzo Vitturi’s Exuberant “Remixed Properties” at Established & Sons

Colorful, ephemeral sculptures kept together for one exhibition during London Design Festival

“I’m very interested in such a simple gesture that can give a new meaning to objects”

Surprising Materials at London Design Festival 2018

From sisal beasts to printed bacteria and salmon skins, all at this year's magnificent event

At this year’s London Design Festival (LDF), designers worked with surprising materials to showcase projects employing everything from high-tech solutions to unexpected but traditional fibers. Plastics were repurposed, as were the skins of fish. As-yet-unseen materials were printed. And so much more came to light. Here are some of our favorite projects and pieces from the festival’s King’s Cross Design Route, the London Design Biennale …

Highlights from the London Design Festival 2018

From a tunnel of onions to prismatic plexiglass and other visual wonders

“One in six Londoners work in the creative industries,” reveals Ben Evans, who just happens to be one of the reasons the city’s creative economy is in such good shape. In 2003, Evans and Sir John Sorrell founded the London Design Festival (LDF), and since, it’s become one of the most eagerly anticipated annual design events around the world. As LDF kicks off this year, one component …