Why Even Try Patch

Wallow in your apathy and self-pity with Mean Folk’s adorably depressing “Why Even Try” patch. The hand-shaped embroidered patch can be sewn or ironed onto your favorite denim jacket or tote bag. If you can be bothered, that is.

Sorry I Am Such An Asshole Balloons

Host an apologetic party with Adam J Kurtz’s tongue-in-cheek balloons: they show guests you’ve reached enlightenment by acknowledging the truth. Especially if you’re the only guest. There’s a matching gold enamel pin if you need (or are obligated) to emphasize the message.

“The End” Patch

Toronto-based Inner Decay has a knack for making eye-catching pins and patches that stir-up all kinds of feelings. Their straightforward “The End” patch marks a conclusion—whether it’s a story’s happily-ever-after ending, the last statement in an argument, or something a little more grim. The three-inch round patch comes with an iron-on backing and its black-and-white colorway makes it easy to match.