Interview: Mike Beary of Zocalito

Together with The Macallan we celebrate all things rare, including this Aspen chef's chilhuacles, painstakingly sourced from Oaxaca

Sponsored by The Macallan

Like its fungal brethren fetching five figures at auction, the world’s rarest chillies don’t look like much to behold. But should you get the privilege of tasting one, you’re likely to become a rapid devotee. To learn more about the rare negro chilhuacle, and its number one champion, we spoke with chef Mike Beary, who imports and uses the chiluacles exclusively at his restaurant Zocalito, …

Cool Hunting Video: Symbol Audio

Elegant furniture masks a complete kit to fill a room with sound

Presented by The Macallan

We recently took the drive up from NYC into the beautiful Hudson Valley to check out fledgling audio brand Symbol Audio. Born from Blake Tovin’s years as a furniture designer, Symbol’s goal is to create elegant pieces for the home that also deliver a high quality listening experience. Using a variety of sourced American hardwoods and top of the line audio components, Symbol seamlessly marries …

The Macallan Rare Cask Gift Guide

The ultra elegant, utterly outrageous and one-of-a-kind items found in our gift guide inspired by the premium, full-bodied whisky

Presented by The Macallan

In creating their exceptional whiskies, The Macallan’s innovative whisky maker Bob Dalgarno uses only the finest oak casks. The distillery’s world-coveted cask collection is a huge part of what gives their products the most in distinguished flavor, color and character. Now, they’ve taken this meticulous approach a step further with The Macallan Rare Cask. A ruby red, full-bodied blend created in specially chosen Spanish oak …