Mushrooms Scarf

Measuring 35 by 35 inches (and available in cotton or silk), John Derian’s mushrooms scarves feature more than two dozen illustrations of fungi—all in the East Village, NYC-based designer and decoupage artist’s signature style. The scarves were produced in collaboration with Tokyo-based brand Arts & Science and made in Japan.

Stokyo Record Runner

Billed as the world’s smallest record player, this Ghostly edition Stokyo Record Runner laps the grooves of 33 1⁄3 rpm records, amplifying sound out of its internal speaker. The underside of the van bears a stylus and a cartridge system, which picks up the songs encoded below. It’s self-propelling for up to 90 minutes of playtime, courtesy of two AAA batteries. Though this playful, pocket-sized record …

Natural Wool Cap

Handmade in Japan by a master milliner that studied hat-making under legendary designer Jean Barthet, this natural-hued wool cap comes equipped with antimicrobial features and a unique softness—afforded by a process that uses untreated material exclusively. The resulting fit is looser and more unstructured but far more comfortable. FEIT worked closely with the milliner through each step of the process.