Milan Design Week 2016: Nike’s The Nature of Motion Exhibition

A provocative exhibition on the human body and the way materials impact us all

An early standout at this year’s Milan Design Week, Nike’s “The Future of Motion” exhibition showcases some eye-popping works from 10 contemporary artists and designers. The display, which crosses multiple media and sensory experiences, tackles many concepts within form and function (how it applies to Nike’s designs and beyond) and even utilizes some of their proprietary materials, like Flyknit. Motion, of course, is the through-line, …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Joan Rivers' inimitable humor, Max Lamb's London home, a Sumatran rhino birth and more in our weekly look at the web

1. Joan Rivers’ 10 Best Jokes The world of comedy has lost yet another pioneer with this week’s passing of the beloved (and often controversial) Joan Rivers. The Brooklyn-born stand-up artist’s storied career spans over six decades and includes almost every title in the industry, from TV presenter to writer to performer and producer. While arguably paving the way for female comedians of a similar …

Marmoreal Board

Give cheese a proper display with the stunning stone work in the Marmoreal Board by Max Lamb with DZEK. The 95% marble slab blends Verde Alpi, Rosa Verona, Giallo Mori, and Bianco Veron in a highly engineered combination with an organic beauty that gives Mother Nature a run for her money.