Chrysanthemum Bowl

Australian artist Kate Rhode (represented by Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne and Culture Object in NYC) creates wildly colorful, playful objects with resin. With an appearance like an artifact from a fairytale, each unique Chrysanthemum Bowl has been hand-cast in food-safe resin and whether in use or not it adds whimsy to a room. Price is in AUD.

Chef Nornie Bero Makes Australian Native Ingredients Accessible

From condiments to a restaurant and a new cookbook, Mabu Mabu's mission is about food and cultural connection

A professional chef for more than 25 years, Nornie Bero—who is from the Komet People of Mer Island in the Torres Strait—has just released her first cookbook, Mabu Mabu. The book is named after her company Mabu Mabu, which comprises a catering service, small-batch products and two venues—Tuckshop and Big Esso—in Melbourne, Australia, but that name itself originates from a phrase in Meriam Mir (spoken …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A love letter to NYC, an online musical time capsule, and more from this week on the web

Online Musical Time Capsule, 2020 Is A Song Motivated by a feeling of numbness that was only remedied by music, interdisciplinary writer and editor Marisa Aveling created 2020 Is A Song—an online time capsule centered on “personal yet collective remembering.” A people-powered counterpoint to Spotify’s data-driven Wrapped, 2020 Is A Song calls for individuals all over the world to contribute a track that helped them …