Mala Flame Mesh Short

Infusing elements of Korean, Californian and cannabis culture, Sundae School makes eye-catching apparel and accessories. The brand partnered with Sichuan sauce brand Fly By Jing to craft shorts that are as fiery as their chilis. Bold and bright, the Mala shorts pay homage to China, as “ma” or 麻 translates to numb in Chinese and “la” or 辣 means spicy. Fitted with a 5.5-inch inseam, the …

Mesh Mobile Ashtray


Help keep the earth nice and tidy with a mobile mesh ashtray from esteemed Tokyo brand Tsubota Pearl. Drop your roaches or butts in the lined pouch when puffing on the go.


Go-Comb’s credit card-sized fine-tooth combs are handy, to say the least. Designed to fit in your wallet, this little guy will do a lot when you need to spiff up on the go. The unisex, stainless steel grooming tool will just as easily smooth out a ‘stache or untangle a hair braid.