Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An AI art exhibition, a structure that predates Stonehenge, raising awareness about unpaid labor in prisons and more

Climate-Resistant Breadfruit Could Help Fight Food Insecurity Many of our most consumed crops (like corn and wheat) will continue to be negatively effected by the climate crisis, leading to food insecurity for many, but scientists believe that the humble breadfruit could be part of the solution. High in fiber and rich with various minerals and vitamins, breadfruit (which is native to the Pacific Islands) is …

Color Gem Crayons

Studio Unto’s unique set of crayons allows artists of all ages to reproduce the vivid color-scapes of our natural world. As though “you picked up a piece of mineral and started coloring,” each crayon resembles a rock, with swirling, layered and speckled colors. Drawing with them produces multi-colored lines with texture and inconsistencies that add to the allure. Because each piece is made by hand, …

Yunohana Onsen Powder

Sourced from the mineral deposit on Mt Yakedake in the northern part of the Japanese Alps, this mineral-rich powder is 100% all-natural and as nourishing as it is stress-relieving. With a low alkali base, it shouldn’t throw your body’s pH, and also won’t stain your tub. Simply mix two tablespoons of the powder into a tub full of water and mix until it’s dissolved.