Color Gem Crayons

Studio Unto’s unique set of crayons allows artists of all ages to reproduce the vivid color-scapes of our natural world. As though “you picked up a piece of mineral and started coloring,” each crayon resembles a rock, with swirling, layered and speckled colors. Drawing with them produces multi-colored lines with texture and inconsistencies that add to the allure. Because each piece is made by hand, …

Yunohana Onsen Powder

Sourced from the mineral deposit on Mt Yakedake in the northern part of the Japanese Alps, this mineral-rich powder is 100% all-natural and as nourishing as it is stress-relieving. With a low alkali base, it shouldn’t throw your body’s pH, and also won’t stain your tub. Simply mix two tablespoons of the powder into a tub full of water and mix until it’s dissolved.

Rock + Mineral Jewelry

Alison Jean Cole cuts rocks and minerals by hand using old tools in her garage, grinding and polishing them into stunning jewelry pieces that showcase just a peek of the Earth’s beauty and history. Geologic formations on brass hooks have never looked so good.