“Busy” Necklace

When you just want to be left alone, Goldeen’s “Busy” necklace says it so you don’t have to. Ideal for Monday mornings (or any time, really), this gold-plated accessory makes your feelings clear. On an 18-inch brass rope chain, the letters are solid brass and vintage. For bosses of all genders.

“Good Mood” Socks

Made from 100% cotton, these ribbed socks lend a little positivity to the day—thanks to their “Good Mood” embroidery. Available in white (with black lettering) they feature non-slip rubber under the sole. They measure approximately 23 to 27cm and are—of course—for all genders.

Why Your Hangovers Are Getting Worse

You’re not imagining things: this Monday morning hangover might be harder than last simply because you’re a week older. Hangovers get worse with age for a few reasons. One is that a liver enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (which works to transform the alcohol) decreases with age. Another is body fat, which doesn’t absorb alcohol, but also increases with age—essentially meaning our bodies run out of …