“Vag” Tote Bag

Depending on the mother figure in your life, this “Vag” tote—made in collaboration by Dolores Haze and Brooklyn-based artist Dan Flanagan—could be ideal. The semi-abstract design (perhaps depending on the viewer) is silk-screened in Brooklyn onto the 100% cotton tote. Perfect for carrying around groceries, gym gear, diapers, birth control, whatever you like.

Mothers and Daughters Around the World

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, to celebrate, The Huffington Post has published 15 photos of mothers and daughters from around the world. Though the women in the images are different—be it because of race, religion, age or occupation—it’s clear that from Somalia to America, Tokyo to Toronto, the bond between mothers and daughters is universal.

CH Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Treat your mama right on her special day with a present sure to please her nurturing ways

Every year Cool Hunting salutes the mothers that make the world a better place with a gift guide that speaks to their nurturing nature. This year we’ve gathered a new batch of goods that give mom something in return, whether it’s a little rest and relaxation or a new accessory to brighten her day. Check out some highlights from CH’s latest Mother’s Day additions below, …