Fungi Fantasy Studs

Dainty and whimsical, Beepy Bella’s Fungi Fantasy Studs endear with yellow, pink, orange and fuchsia hand-poured enamel set into 925 silver. These joyous mushroom earrings measure 7mm wide.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A "bonkers" dinosaur discovery, candy-colored planes, chatty fungi and more

Scientists Plan to Uncover Yorkshire’s Sunken “Atlantis” Daniel Parsons, a professor of sedimentology who leads the University of Hull’s Energy and Environment Institute, plans to utilize high-resolution sonar systems (along with insight from local fisherman) to uncover the sunken port town of Ravenser Odd. This ancient village was destroyed in the 14th century due to weather-induced coastal erosion, and studies of similar circumstances in the …

How Mushrooms Talk To Each Other

A new study (led by professor Andrew Adamatzky at the University of the West of England) has found that mushrooms communicate with each other via electrical signals that are similar to human speech—making them “champignon communicators.” This theory is thanks to an experiment where the team analyzed electrical spikes in four species: enoki, split gill, ghost and caterpillar fungi. This was done by inserting “tiny …