Osmose Synthesizer

Osmose is a standalone polyphonic synthesizer from Montreuil-based Expressive E, a French manufacturer that aims to make next-generation musical instruments that are both tech-forward and intuitive. Produced in collaboration with Haken Audio, the synth features 49 gesture-sensitive keys and over 500 presets with custom macros, equipping it to unlock new sound. Within, a technology designed by Expressive E, Augmented Keyboard Action (A.K.A), makes each gesture …

“Aiir” Vinyl

The eighth album from SAULT—a collective led by Inflo (aka Dean Josiah Cover)—Aiir features the rich, layered and poetic music the prolific band is known for. Replete with beautiful orchestral soundscapes, the five-track album includes the shape-shifting song “God’s Will” and the lyrical “5AM,” making for a transcendent and shimmering listen.


The cult-followed singer-songwriter Caroline Polachek’s second album, DESIRE, I WANT TO TURN INTO YOU, continues the artist’s synth-inflected, techno-take on pop with more wailing, sunny instrumentation and attitude. Pressed onto a metallic copper vinyl, the LP includes the tracks “Bunny Is A Rider,” “Welcome To My Island” and “Billions,” and features collaborations with Grimes and Dido.